You will find in this category, chinese ancestors. Chinese devote an important worship to their ancestors. It is at the peak of the Qing dynasty that chinese ancestors start to be drawn as portraits. Those paintings allowed families to highlight their social status.


The veneration of ancestors is a ritual practice based on many beliefs. The belief that dominates is the one who says that family members who died have a continuing life. This makes the ancestors have an influence (fortune) on the lives of their denscendence. The cult of Chinese ancestors started during the late chinese neolitique era. This cult ensures that the Chinese ancestors are respectfully disposed so that their wellbeing is maintained. The chinese believes that taking care of the ancestors paintings will have a positive effect on the lives of the denscendent. This gives also the possibility to the denscendents  to aks a favor or a special assistance to their ancestors. Yang explained that the social function of this cult of ancestors is to “cultivate kinship values like filial piety, family loyalty, and continuity of the family line”.

You can find chinese ancestors on canvas, on paper (Simple portraits of chinese ancestors or couples of chinese ancestors), great chinese emperors on canvas and some smaller models. We have an important collection with reasonable prices.




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